Cerulean Software Company Inc. was organised in March 2000 to create, design, and develop computer software solutions, and to provide professional services in the deployment and utilisation of various software applications.

Originally based in Manila but in Vancouver since 2014, the company has focused mainly on developing software for client-server and web-based applications. Among its completed projects are a full e-commerce suite for a large retailer, the database design, mall monitoring, and report generator software for a leading mall operator, several mobile applications for the leading cellphone company, recruitment management software for a global placement company, event management software, a full-blown communications solution using SMS messaging for a major department of government, and several web design and development projects for offshore (American and European) companies.

The Cerulean team has experience in both open-source (LAMP stack) and Microsoft technologies. We are able to recommend the best solution for the project you have in mind.